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Thank you for your interest in Internet Advertising that Works.

Learn how you can get more clients, customers, patients or prospects for your business…without breaking the bank! That being said, please note:

Our Services are NOT Right for Every Business

We get more requests for our local SEO and other services that we have had to face that we just can’t take on everyone. And over the years we have learned that we aren’t the right fit for every business.

It is our mission to help small businesses succeed over the long run. Our clients tend to stay with use for years–and that is the business model that we strive for. This long term relationship allows us to really get to know our clients and their needs, and advise them accordingly. It also allows our clients to get to know us and the value that we offer to their business.

We select our clients with care, using some reasonable criteria. This allows us to ensure that our relationship will be a win-win. By limiting the number of clients we have, we ensure that each client gets the full attention and detail they deserve, and require, for success.

Basic Criteria for Your Business

Your business must be established.

  • We do not work with start ups.
  • You must already have leads or customer.
  • You must already be making sales.
  • You are actively promoting your business at least at a basic level.

We do not work with adult themed material, or businesses that engage in unethical or discriminatory practices.

Your business and officers must have a good reputation and a product or service.

Do You Meet the Criteria Above?

If you do, and would like to talk to us about how we can help your business get incredible results, then let’s talk.

Before we set up an appointment we require that you complete the following “Discovery Form” This helps us get to know more about your company, your products or services, and your goals and allows us to customize our plan to help your business grow.

I know the form may seem a bit long–but there probably isn’t anything here that you don’t know. Filling out the form completely will save you time and money.

Complete the form below and once we have reviewed it we will be in touch to set up your initial consultation which typically takes 60 minutes.

Please note: we do not respond to forms that are not completed, or appear to be completed by a robot.

Thanks–and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

Laurie Tossy
Internet Advertising That Works