Google Antitrust Violation?

Maybe it is a sign of success, or maybe it is just…seems everyone has an opinion about the FTC opening an investigation into Google’s practices.

Few will deny that Google is the dominant force in internet search and advertising. The goal of the investigation is reportedly to determine whether Google has been abusing that position.

What does this mean for consumers? No one can be quite sure. I’m not predicting that Google will go the way of former telephone mega-giant AT&T, but I’m not saying they will come out unscathed either.

The truth about the internet is that it is still in its infancy and therefore things are constantly changing and will continue to do so.

I find that most people I talk to still use Google as their #1 choice in search. With more and more options available that may change, but for now businesses still deserve to put a lot of emphasis on how they appear in a Google search. This includes having a Places page as well as listing your business in other sources such as Yelp.

There is no hard and fast rule that will fit for every business regarding advertising on the internet (paid or free–being visible is a form of advertising!) So much of where you list your business depends on where your company is, what your service market area is, and how people look for the services you offer now, especially how people who are potential customers or clients of YOURS will search for you. What works for a dog trainer in Manhattan may not be the best solution for someone Loveland.

Don’t let the FTC scare you away from Google. Even if the worst happens for the internet giant, that will be a long way down the road. While I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t tell you what will happen, I can tell you if you don’t use them now in the appropriate way for YOUR business, then your business cannot possibility benefit from Google.