Local Business Tip: Keep Color in Mind

Color affects your clients and potential clients. It can be used to attract or to repel. Color is used to slow people down and to speed them up.

My friend Pat pointed out in a recent blog post some of the statistics about how color affects buyers.

Check out the full post from Kissmetrics on how color impacts the decisions of buyers.

One of the reasons fast food restaurants frequently use a lot of yellow and orange is these colors make people a little uncomfortable and so they get in and out more quickly. Clearly, these would not be the best choices for a business that profits more by having clients spend a great deal of time there.

Local businesses must pay attention to colors and what the color communicates. When you are looking at your colors, either if you are just establishing a business or if you are considering a new look, go beyond whether you like the color or not. Take some time and look at the psychological impact that color can have and make sure the color you choose is consistent with your marketing goal.

This color tip is true for your physical location and your website. If you want to have internet advertising that works, it needs to be consistent with your physical presence, and both need to appeal to your customers!