How, Why, What of Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is simply a way to market to people on their mobile devices. This includes having mobile friendly web pages, mobile landing pages to gain potential client’s phone numbers, text messaging campaigns, coupons for mobile user.

Often Mobile Marketing is added to Local Search and Social Media Marketing…to get the most out of mobile marketing you ultimately want a blend of all of these methods of internet advertising.

Mobile devices include cell phones, especially “smart phones”, and pads (like the iPad)

Why is Mobile Marketing Important to my business?

Your customers and clients aren’t tethered to their homes and offices…they are not restricted to using the phone book, or even their computer to find you. Seems like everyone has a smartphone these days…and they are using them to look for businesses when they are in their cars, walking down the street and yes, even at home.

Mobile phones are becoming the primary platform for accessing social media. Google has determined they are focusing on mobile and everything they are building for the future will be mobile compatible.

You may have a great web site, but if it is designed for a computer and is not mobile friendly then it just isn’t good enough. If you are lucky, your potential client will be able to use the site even though it is hard to read and get around. In many cases, your traditional website will be virtually unusable on a mobile device and you will lose potential customers every time they try to access your.

Since your clients and customers are mobile, you need to be too. Whether you want to fill seats last minute, find customers fill in slots available due to cancellations, offer special promotions to your loyal customers or create a list of new clients, Mobile Marketing has a place in your advertising budget.

How do I tap into the Mobile Market?

If you have a web site already, we can make it mobile friendly. If you don’t have a mobile site we can create a simple site for you that will work on both mobile devices and traditional computers.

Text messaging is the way most young people, and many of us who are maybe not so young, communicate today. We can create a text messaging campaign and set you up so you are building a list of potential clients and building a relationship with them, offering them special deals and incentives to come into your business.

Contact us and we can develop the right mobile marketing campaign for your business.