Retailers Find Facebook Sells

Marketing is really about connecting someone who has a product or service with the people who need or want that product or service. So the successful marketer will be where their prospective customers or clients are. For more and more businesses, that place is Facebook.

According to a recent article in USA Today* many customers are actually find it so inconvenient to leave Facebook that many retailers are creating stores to sell their products using the Facebook interface.

The clothing chain Express is among the latest to join the ranks of retailers on Facebook, now selling its entire line there.

Also offering products through their Facebook pages are such giants as J.C. Penney, Delta, GameStop and  1-800-Flowers which was one of the first retailers using this venue when they started two years ago.

Is selling products on Facebook in your company’s future? It may be nearer than you think. Facebook is definitely changing the way many retailers are doing business. Certainly your business can benefit from a presence on Facebook even if selling your products there isn’t  right for your business right now.

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