Social Media Marketing: Outsource or In-House

If you are already participating in Social Media Marketing then you are on the right track for business today. The question then becomes should you keep it in-house or should you outsource it to a Social Media Manager?

From Mashable, a fantastic resource for business and marketing, there are four questions to consider when making that decision.

  1. Can effective social media drive your business growth?
  2. How well is your social media working today?
  3. Could outsourcing free up your time to focus on business operations?
  4. How do you measure ROI?

By answering these questions for yourself you can readily make the determination if it is worth your time to do your social media marketing yourself, or if you have an employee, their time, or if you are better off outsourcing that work so you can focus on other activities.

I would also add, do you enjoy it? Enjoyment isn’t the only factor of course. If you enjoy it but are not effective at it, then you still may want to outsource it. On the other hand, if you enjoy it but are not effective at it you may opt to receive some training on how to be more efficient and effective at it so you can continue to do it.

My philosophy is, do the income producing activities that you enjoy and focus on those–and outsource as much of the rest as possible!

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