Clearly Communicate Requests with Designers

Designers are used to getting Requests from Clients, but…

designer submits original concept to client

Clients beware–you might just get what you asked for. Which isn’t necessarily what you really want.

Check out this “ad campaign”…it is really a spoof, but it certainly points out some of the types of requests designers are faced with.

client makes crazy requests of advertising designer

So the designer dutifully makes changes, with the magic of photoshop, and you can see the results as the designer created a “cheesy” version of this ad

designer creates cheesy version of advertising campaign

Of course, you guessed it, this is not the end of the requests for the intrepid designer…

advertising campaign change requests 2nd round

Clearly some of these requests are pretty ridiculous, but from the designer’s perspective, they may not be as far-fetched as some of the real requests they get.

The Designer’s Final Submission for the Advertising Campaign

designers final advertising submission

Designers want to make clients happy, and will try their best to incorporate changes that clients feel are important to their message.

The key take away (IMHO) is to communicate upfront what your intended message is. Of course to do that, you Mr or Ms Client must know what that message is. When you have a clear idea of what you want your customers to feel or learn about your product–the kind of image you want to project into that happy internet, the better the designer can get the job done. And the job will give a better result, more quickly, for less money.

So if you want an image that is more fantasy, or you have specific thoughts like aliens enjoying your product, tell the designer upfront so they can incorporate those ideas into the design from the very beginning.

Sometimes a reshoot is a cost effective solution. Other times, the magic of photoshop is key. Often it may be both.

And please, if you radically change your concept, understand that your designer may also radically change their fees.

Thanks to DesignTaxi for the original article

Thanks to Kimiko Foo for the translation