DIY is Ticket to Business Failure

Alyson B. Stanfield, AKA the Art Biz Coach, has written this about the Do It Yourself mentality that artists have and why it can hold them back from having the success they so deserve.

The same is true for many small business people–no matter what their industry–so read on (emphasis is mine):

Why You Need to Lose the DIY Mentality

Most artists are overwhelmed with the work that must be done to build a business, but they resist turning over tasks to professionals who can assist.

When you seek support for your business from consultants, assistants, and other professionals, you:

  1. Gain valuable time to focus on your genius work (making and marketing). This is what makes you money!
  2. Allow other people, who are probably better trained than you, to use their strengths for your benefit.
  3. Contribute to a more vibrant economy by employing someone else.

If you aren’t reaching YOUR goals, if you aren’t enjoying your business, consider that it might just be you are doing things that other people could do better/more quickly. Yep, you have to pay them, but it frees you up to do what you are good at, and love to do. This gives you more joy in your business (and life) and to grow your business which is a smart business –and LIFE–decision!

Take a few minutes and write down what business activities you are currently doing (or avoiding!) that you would love to have someone else do instead.

Now write down what activities you enjoy doing the most.

Where does your business make its money?

Make it your resolution to focus on what you enjoy the most and finding someone else who can help you with the other stuff. This will allow you to use YOUR expertise while they use theirs to benefit your business and your clients or customers.

Now THAT’s a win-win proposition!

If you are not sure where to start get we can help!