Adding RSS Feed

If your blog theme does not have a built in option for allowing readers to subscribe via RSS feed, you can easily create this.

  1. Find an image that you want to use for your RSS feed. rss feed icon
    You can use the standard RSS feed image or modify it for match the colors of your blog
  2. Upload the image to your blog’s media library
  3. Add a text widget in the sidebar
  • Title it “Subscribe”
  • Copy the image URL from your Media library and place in the text widget.
    • The url will look like this “”
    • If you look at the page live at this point you will just see that link.
  • Make the image a clickable link
    • Create a temporary post or page on your blog and insert your rss image on that post or page
    • Go to the html view and copy the code for the image
    • Paste that code into a text document or notepad
    • Look for the part of the code: href=””
    • Replace the entire url between the quotes with your feed url
    • Copy this modified code and paste it into your text box
  • Delete the page or post that you created

Voila! You have an RSS subscribe button in your sidebar!