Social Media Management, Not!

A lot of people are interested in Social Media for their personal use as well as for business. And we know, it can be a lot of fun…

But if you’ve ever been caught in the dreading loop as illustrated below, then you know it can also suck you down a rabbit hole, leading you to ignore other priorities…like flesh and blood people in your presence, and your business.


This comic is funny because it can be so accurate! It clearly demonstrates one of the pitfalls in using Social Media…it is addictive!

Whether you are loop from Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr or any of the thousands of other Social Media networks out there, stop the Social Media Mismanagement and learn how to really take advantage of the tremendous power Social Media can have for your business. Invest some time, energy and money in learning what you need in order to harness this potential tool. Or if  it is just not something that interests you, you can hire a Social Media Manager to help you, or even do it all for you.

If your business isn’t using Social Media Marketing then you owe it to yourself to learn how you can leverage your brand and get your name in front of the millions of people who are using this hot medium every day!