Waste of Time or Wonderful Tool?

When I first heard about Twitter I was convinced it was a big waste of time.

I was actually at a live networking event–you know, where you are supposed to meet people and connect. Well it seemed like everyone had their noses in their Blackberries and they were so busy tweeting to their followers they didn’t have time to meet the people who were actually there!

Clearly, this is NOT the way to approach Social Media–and yet it is exactly what many “experts” tell you have to do. (A lot of those folks with their noses and thumbs glued to their Blackberries were the experts!)

Look, all tools can be used incorrectly or taken to an extreme…to the point where they are not effective and take up way too much of our time. But used correctly, that same tool can be just what we need…whether we are talking about a hammer, a computer or a steak knife. We need to be sure we choose the RIGHT tool for the job.

Social Media is no exception. Used correctly, they can help us to build relationships with our potential customers and keep in touch with our current clients, too.

Rest assured, we are NOT going to tell you to ignore face-to-face communication and replace it with Facebook posts, Tweets and texts. However, just about every business can benefit from having a Social Media presence.

We can set it all up for you, keep it streamlined and teach you what you need to know so it is easy for you and you get to quickly and efficiently use this new tool for your business–in just a few minutes, not hours!