Where Have All Your Facebook Friends Gone?

Feel like your Facebook friends have left you? Only seeing posts/getting comments from a few of the many? You are not alone (although it may feel like it!)

The folks at Facebook have made another change that affects us whether we are using their medium for personal or business reasons.

The newsfeed setting is now set by default  to show only posts from people you have recently interacted with. That means the majority of your friends/fans are invisible to you and vice versa. Lonely…I’m so lonely….

Thank goodness there is an easy fix that will allow you to see what your friends and fans are up to again!

  1. On your homepage, click the dropdown next to “Most Recent” and select “Edit Options.”
  2. Change the Show posts from to “all of your friends and pages” Hurray! Now you see your friends again.

Pass this message on to everyone you know via FB, email, Twitter, your blog, even tin can & string if you have to—because they still can’t see YOU!