Word-of-Mouth Advertising, Referrals & Social Media

Word-of-mouth advertising has always been a favorite way to advertise business for many reasons. First it is basically free. Second it has an inherent credibility factor because someone you know is providing the info, not an advertising agency.

Getting referrals from happy customers and clients is another type of word-of-mouth advertising that has long been popular and inexpensive way to get leads.

Social Media Marketing is the latest in this long-standing trend. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are great ways for people to spread the word about how awesome (or how awful) their last meal was, how much they love (or hate) their dentist or hairdresser and so on and so on. In fact, these sites take the “tell 2 friends” model out exponentially. People today spend more time connecting via social networks then they do on talking on their smartphones.

The good news is that happy customers may tweet about your business while in these spaces. The bad news is unhappy clients definitely will.

That’s where Social Media Managers come in. Not only will they help you set up in the appropriate social sites for your business, they will also help you with getting more good tweets and Likes and help you manage the bad.

Social media is a powerful tool that, like any tool can be used correctly or not.

Done right, social media can pump up your business and lead to more customers and more profits.

Done wrong, social media will drain your business and eat up your precious time.

Get the help of a professional Social Media Manager, connect with people where they are and take advantage of today’s online world of word-of-mouth advertising.